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About Us

Dorset Weather VanesGraham started making Weathervanes in 1986 after fifteen years as a Precision Engineer. His artistic skills led him towards the idea of producing a weathervane as a present for his wife. Such was the success that family friends started to commission Graham to make them a weathervane and a business started to emerge.

The business has grown over the years. Starting with a few standard designs the range gradually increased. With Graham introducing a comprehensive personal design service, Dorset Weathervanes has created over 500 designs since it started.

Having featured on the BBC's 'Home Front' back in 1996, worldwide satellite television and many more appearances on regional channels, Dorset Weathervanes will only expand further.

As we at Dorset Weathervanes only specialise in the design and making of weathervanes and nothing else, you can be guaranteed a product of the highest quality.

With over 9,000 Weathervanes produced to date, across 20 countries worldwide, Dorset Weathervanes has come along way since 1986.